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Seva is a term n the Yoga community meaning "Selfless Service". in common language we call this volunteering or charity, but in the belief system i feel most realistic, it is our duty to GIVE, Our very survival depends upon it. Not just to help those in need but as a part of the energy they fulfills us as beings...as vital as oxygen, water, and any thing else that we consider nutritious. The sacred bond we have with OTHER animals, not only bringing us closer to our origins as organic beings, but as a reminder of our interdependence on each other, and the essential connection with the earth that we have lost through reliance on technology…and laziness. Yet we can borrow the grace and balance of a cat, the keen sense of smell from a dog, loyalty from the mighty elephant, or he keen sight of a hawk, how present we could/would we truly be?


I will be updating this page as a living diary (not really a BLOG, to tell of the unique experiences we as a therapeutic TEAM has. LuLu our adopted kitten, now nearly 2 years old has been an in hospital therapy cat, lives with cancer treatment in her home, and tends to her own needs. We are locally known as the cat in the "Pink Pram : in the Boston Public Garden. And was written abut in the online magazine for the Animal Rescue League where she was found. an infant stray kitten who was fostered by a volunteer before she found her home with us.