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Origins of Thai Therapeutic Yoga

Claudia deHaven Biddle Earned Her Thai Yoga Diploma From Lotus Palm School School Of Thai Massage, Table-Thai™, and Body Enlightening

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(Also Referred To As Thai Massage)

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Body Enlightening
Surrender to exhale’s signature mind body therapy that incorporates yoga contact work, assisted stretching, relaxation and body alignment.

You will emerge feeling balanced, elongated and spirited. To
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Table Thai™ 
This is a traditional massage of Thailand which is performed on a massage table, while you wear loose-fitting clothing.

Table Thai™ facilitates increased circulation, expanded range of motion and deep relaxation.
60 min $125

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Bangkok, Thailand, a city famous for its exotic offerings, is also the site of Wat Pho's Traditional Medical and Massage School - a center for the teaching, research and practice of the Thai healing tradition. It is a school unlike those seen in North America. At Wat Pho, massage and medicine are taught in a Buddhist temple - the "wat" - adorned with filigreed designs and garden statues of figures in various postures dating back to the 16th century. It is here, in these forms and in this temple, that we find both an ancient art and an age-old philosophy.
Thai yoga has been described as assisted Hatha yoga. During a session, the practitioner pays careful attention to the recipient's level of flexibility and breath as they gently move the individual into different poses. Each pose is designed to open up the body and allow energy to flow freely along the sen lines (72,000 of which have been mapped out, although 10 major ones are focused on Thai massage). This "opening" increases joint mobility and flexibility, improves circulation, tonifies organs, and relieves muscular and emotional tension.

Claudia deHaven Biddle, Founder Of Snow Lion Yoga, is trained by world acclaimed master, Kam-Thaye Chow,founder of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, Canada. One of the first institutes to promote and teach the art of Thai Yoga (massage)

Thai yoga is, in fact, one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine (along with herbal medicine and spiritual meditation). It is a full-body massage, performed on a floor mat, with both parties in loose, comfortable clothes. It incorporates t' ai chi moves, rhythmic motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines (sen lines), gentle stretching and the conscious use of breath. The practitioner uses her hands, feet, arms and legs to guide the recipient into various yoga postures, while remaining focused on their own body-center. This combination of movements and focused awareness creates a slow, flowing "dance" around the recipient's body. "Thai massage is a well-respected and proven healing art that's quickly gaining popularity in the West because of its meditative approach and its application of yoga's well-established benefits," said Kam Thye Chow, founder of one of the first North American schools of Thai massage in Montreal, Canada. Chow, originally from Malaysia, has taught classes worldwide and written books on the practice of t'ai chi and massage. He views Thai massage as having far-reaching applications, and refers to the technique more accurately as Thai Yoga Bodywork because of its varied influences and appeal. "Yoga practitioners are finding it adds a whole new dimension complementary to their practice. Nurses, physiotherapists and massage therapists are adding to their training with this technique. Also, the gentle opening and stretching of the body provided by the massage has improved the performance of athletes, martial artists and dancers," said Chow.


Energy in Motion
Working the energy lines is the basis of Thai yoga. Thai medicine is based on the belief there is an intrinsic life force or energy (prana) that circulates within the body. To create health and vitality, it is essential to allow this energy to circulate freely. When prana is blocked or restricted, sickness or disease results which can manifest physically, emotionally or even spiritually. The main purpose of Thai massage is to clear such blockages and allow energy to flow along the sen. Although not based on the Chinese meridian system, the sen energy system is very similar.

By working the body physically and energetically, Thai yoga produces a highly therapeutic effect which helps relieve common conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive difficulties, menstrual and menopausal problems and stress-related conditions, as well as providing an overall sense of relaxation which helps people to deal better with emotional issues.

The stretching and energy line work in Thai yoga is important in helping to lengthen muscles and make them more flexible, supple and less prone to injury, while joints benefit from a greater range of motion. Stretching also increases capillary density, thereby helping to address icshemia and promoting the release of lactic acid. This is particularly important in our culture which tends to emphasize more aggressive muscle movements resulting in the production of large quantities of lactic acid in the muscle fibers. In addition, studies have shown that stretching can raise the temperature of a tendon, which can have a protective effect via increased skeletal muscle tensile strength. The stretching in Thai bodywork also releases endorphins, further promoting a relaxation response.

Thai yoga demonstrates Promwiham Sii or the four states of mind: loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.



Posture of The Month- Diva TwistTwist (From Lotus Palm Institute)

Back ache? Feeling a little stiff? Something as simple as a twisting of the body could be the answer. We often find ourselves sitting for longs periods or moving in a single dimension (forward primarily) Since the muscles of the body are 3 dimensional it is always good to incorporate a twist into a client’s session, there is none more invigorating than the Diva Twist.
The Diva Twist is a great example of what’s great about Thai Yoga Massage in that it combines stretching with energy line work. The benefit of touch therby tricks your body into truly letting go and deeply integrating the therapeutic benefits of a great twist.
Anatomical Impact
There are many conditions within our society that encourage us to move primarily forward and at times backward. There is less and less of a requirement to move either laterally (side to side) or twist in both directions unless required do to the type of work that we do or the type of physical activity that we choose. Twisting is one of the best movements that we can perform for the health of the spinal column. This simple motion can improve flexibility of spine and hip joints help prevent slip discs, increase circulation & nutrition to the spinal nerves, veins and surrounding tissues, help with sciatica and maintain proper hydration of the spinal discs. Additionally Twisting tones the spleen, liver, kidney, and the pancreas, ligaments and improves digestion. Twisting is a simple movement that does so much towards supporting the health of our bodies.
The Diva Twist rotates the thoracic spine, gently compresses the intervertebral disks; provides traction to the scapula; encourages mobility of the upper body & massages the vertebral muscles. It also provides an internal massage to many vital organs.

Thai Yoga Master Kam Thye Chow