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I have been studying yoga on and off for approximately 15 years, never able to stick to the practice simply because I never was able to find an instructor who was able to captivate me and introduce me to the true art that is yoga. Claudia deHaven Biddle, however, through one lesson, was able to show me this art, and I now practice yoga on a daily basis for a minimum of 1 hour. If I could frequent all the classes she teaches around the Boston area, I would simply because her style of yoga, the Snow Lion method, is what works best with my mind and body. Furthermore, Claudia has been the only instructor I have had who has taken the time to help me perfect the the postures. I did not realise that, for example, I was not properly in trikonasana for years until Claudia stood next to me and adjusted my position. Another example is that my wrists are not as strong as they should be, so Claudia showed me different techniques that does not require as much pressure on the wrists. Instructors I have had in the past never took the time to do this for whatever reason. I feel stronger in my poses and get more out of them than before, both physically and mentally.
Finally, during shivasana, Claudia uses thai massage to make sure that our bodies are perfectly aligned. I have never felt any sort of soreness after her classes.
Claudia is truly the best instructor I have ever had.

-Stella Stergiopoulou


Hi Claudia,

I learned so much from our short time together, and your spirit is just
contagious. You are a wonderful teacher and guide, and I know the group
that came was very glad that they did- They had nothing but praise for you!
I also spoke with my supervising MD
and she is very interested in the idea of having you come to the group again and
then doing a series of classes for the patients. We are also waiting to get the joint group with NEMC and Children's together

Thank you again Claudia- the pleasure was all mine!

-Mary McQueen RN

Group Coordinator Mitochondrial and Energy Metabolism MGH


Dear Claudia,
Thank you so much for introducing me to Yoga.
After only 3 sessions, I am off Advil, the sciatic
pain in my leg is gone, and I can once again
sit in a chair.  Wow!   I can't believe it took me
this long to discover Yoga.  Thanks again, Claudia.

                            -Lee Nobler

Business Analyst

Claudia Biddle is certainly my favorite yoga teacher. Her classes are at once the most challenging and the most relaxing I’ve even taken. Through her constant encouragement to use the bandas and deep breathing, each pose becomes more intense. Later, in shivasina, the intensity of the poses is matched by a deep, complete relaxation, aided by Claudia’s gentle thai-massage. I always look forward to her class each week, and when I leave, my neck and shoulders feel released in a way that rarely happens. I go to bed at peace and sleep very well. It’s a great way to let go of the stresses of the week.
As a teacher, Claudia is also well aware of safety and individual concerns. At the start of each class, she is careful to meet each student, find out his or her experience with yoga, and ask about how each person is doing that day. This attention is essential to building trust with students, which allows them to fully experience all that yoga has to offer.

-E. Chloe Lauer

Architect/Urban Planner

Hi Claudia,
I just wanted to thank you again for your
wonderful yoga classes. I feel so much better after only 3 months of
your class! Even as I sit here at the computer, I am thinking about
sitting up tall and keeping my shoulders relaxed.
If you are ever in the Michigan
area, I would love to see you!
All the best,

Law Student

Are you going to be teaching tomorrow (Sat, Sept 11) at 11?  If you're going to be there, I'll try to be there too!
I'd rather not go to the class of a substitute.  You know what I mean..

-Beth Zonis



The most amazing think happened this past Sunday. I NEVER thought I would be able to kneel in church again. At 60, I have not been able to pray with my 85 year old mother until your workshop...truly a miracle!

-Ruth Terry

Arthritus Patient

I've really enjoyed my past two classes with you.   I like the style of the Wellbridge classes; I feel great when I leave and I sleep so well afterwards!

 -Kelly Kupchac

Business Liaison

Dear Claudia,

You are an amazing and beautiful light! I have been taking what I thought was yoga since my college days in the late 60's, and thought I would try to take some classes after years with back problems, 2 c-sections and a very difficult personal loss. Since I started my yoga-therapy with you every aspect of my life has been better, more balanced, and healthier. You have taken so much extra care and time, helped me with everything from my diet to my breathing and gone above and beyond in so many ways. Now I can say.."I practice yoga". I wanted to thank you for all your support. You are always giving, and the most inspirational women I have ever met.

-Melanie Granger

Mother/Student/Social Worker

What an AWESOME class!  I think that was one of my favorites so far.  I didn't want to leave!  Thank you!!!
- Molly Blaauw Gillis

Legal Services