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Claudia deHaven Biddle, (Kalyani), is a 500 hr certified and nationally registered Instructor and Yoga Therapist, & Thai Massage Therapist. The The Yoga Alliance recognizes Claudia as certified in multiple yoga styles at the highest credentials available. Her students run the gamut; from expert yogis, Olympic athletes, musicians, actors, and performance artists, to geriatric Alzheimer’s and neuromuscular disorder patients, preschoolers, and new mothers, in settings from the Olympic Training Center, clinical geriatric units, aquatic facilities as director, psychiatric hospitals, elementary schools, small groups, corporate programs, and one-on-one private sessions. Trainer and therapist for over 2 decades, professionally she has created and developed programs utilizing multiple yogic modalities for individuals ranging in ages from 4 to 98, the strongest and the severely physically disabled and emotionally impaired. Claudia is certified as a 500 RYT in multiple styles such as Ashtanga, and continues Yoga therapy studies, Ayurvedic, Physiology and specific health and sports medicine. Claudia has been practicing yoga since 1980 after her second full paralysis, and teaching others since 1989. (see press link for full story of Claudia's journey to yoga). Within this history, Snow Lion Yoga specializes in Yogic Art And Science to the maximum benefit for each student by fusing techniques from traditions as diverse as ™Tri Yoga, ™Lotus Palm Thai Therapeutic Yoga, Ashtanga, ™Viniyoga, ™Iyengar, Structural/Corrective, as well as Chi Kung, Guided Imagery & Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga and Art Therapy. Her approach combines her knowledge of nutrition, Western Medicine, Ayurveda, Asian & Eastern Health Practices, and "Common Sense". Attention to each person, and adapting sequences and yogic art and science to the unique needs of clients, are why her loyal clientele always return for a true holistic mind/body/spirit program.

(Claudia continues her theraputic yoga studies with American Viniyoga Institute/Gary Kraftsow and Mirka Kraftsow, Tri Yoga/Kali Ray, and Thai Yoga and Ayurvedvic Studies with the Lotus Palm Institute/Kam Thai Chow)

She would like to thank Kali Ray for her beautiful light, knowledge, and FLOWING grace, Gary and Mirka Kraftsow for their brilliance, understanding of the human mind and body, and unwaivering support.

Available for private, corporate and group classes. Available to travel to your home or business.

A Note From Claudia (Kalyani)

During my career, I have designed as many types of programs as you can imagine. Over and over I have been amazed, reassured, and grateful for the amazing improvements I have seen occur through yogic therapy and physiology in the broadest spectrum of ailments and performance conditioning. These have not been small and questionable improvements, or anecdotal incidences, but hard-core healing and transformation. I do believe self-determination, diligence, and will all have a great deal to do with any success, but yoga provides a guide map that stays with you for life. It becomes part of your life, not a regime, or diet, or exercise fad you grow tired and bored with. If you listen to the teachings, they encourage diversity, patience, and learning ways to love and have compassion in your practice of Yoga. This concept is difficult for many Westerners (society), to comprehend fully. We are so used to pushing our bodies to the extreme, pain=gain, if it is in an ad with body-perfect girls, or overdeveloped men…buy it! (That is, until the next thing comes into fashion). These values are contrary to the ancient Eastern philosophies such as Yoga. Although the world is becoming more homogenized, there are still areas of study that encourage more inward and dedicated mind/body/spirit growth.

To heal, protect, nurture, and develop a healthy well rounded YOU. These are just a few of my reasons for wanting to continue to teach AND live yoga. As far as my personal Yoga philosophy, it is both general to the guidelines and principals of all yoga, but personal in my quest for bringing the healing benefits to the afflicted. If you approach yourself with compassion, respect, and a gentle quest to understand, accept, and purify yourself, you will become yourself enlightened, as well as all creatures you touch.

The Only Disability Is A Closed Mind!




Claudia (Kalyani) with Kaliji (Kali Ray) Malibu, 2004


Claudia with Mirka Kraftsow Austin, TX, 2005
Claudia with Gary Kraftsow Austin, TX, 2005



Claudia with Sri Pattabhi Jois 2002


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