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It is our tendency as students to make exotic teachings more appealing; more difficult to understand teachers, profound; and our own confusion a sign that we are still far from it. And yet as Lin-chi states above, "in your various activities, what do you lack?" Practice, meditation allows us to enter fully into the Present. The ability to let the thoughts and feelings arise and then continue on gives us the experience of spaciousness, a time of not being pushed and pulled by ourselves or others, an opening where something new can arise.
The kensei comes to see that his light and the vision of the sages is essentially one and the same. The way of action emerging from stillness is the non-action of the sages.— Light of the Kensei
Yours along the Way,
The Monkess

The purest grace, the deepest love, the unyielding devotion and unconditional love...all that is good, all that is balanced, all that is perfect..
When I am asked who my best yoga teachers have been...look at the face before you.

Our animal companions are the pure yoga...the union of body, soul, breath.
When I need reminding of the blessings of the present ...I watch Rudi breathe!